Too Hot For Dogs Feet



I am writing this note to you due to an animal concern I discovered driving around the streets of Payson.

It was about 1 p.m. in the afternoon and I noted a runner and two walkers on the sidewalk with their dogs.

At this time of day, it concerned me about the problem of pet owners walking or running with their dogs on the sidewalk. All the people I observed had protective shoes on, yet their dogs were on the hot sidewalk without any protection at all. Granted they have pads on their feet, but the sun had an effect on the sidewalk which I’m sure was considerably hot. I said to myself if these people did not have shoes on and were barefoot, they would understand my concern.

Please, if it’s too hot for your feet; it is also way too hot for your animal. Thank you so much for voicing my opinion and concern.

Joanna Stotther


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