Headline Is Misleading



Headline “Unhappy with others expressing different opinions” is totally misleading in connection with Ted Paulk’s letter to the editor. His point is that by publishing letters containing personal attacks you are at odds with your own policy. I am one of the “purple-faced, bug-eyed ... liberals” described by one of your earlier contributors. I call that a personal attack. Calling our president a communist and worse is a personal attack. How can our nation ever come together when hateful remarks are not only published, but encouraged?

Sylvia Freeman

Editor’s Note: We do not allow personal attacks against non-public individuals. Personal opinions about elected public officials are treated differently as it reflects a voter’s opinion about the philosophy and performance of an elected official. There are limits on how far an opinion can go.


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 7 months ago

"Editor’s Note: We do not allow personal attacks against non-public individuals."

And yet you allowed Mr. Dale Kasl to call Mr. Paulk "brainwashed" in a letter in the same issue!


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