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The Payson Roundup gave a letter writer and others an excellent response. If the unhappy letter writer wrote the Huffington Post he would probably have received the answer he wanted.

It’s all part of the progressives Chicago method to demonize those who criticize them. We have all seen this with Comrade Obama when he made an attempt to demonize the Wall Streeters, the insurance companies and the Tea Party people. It’s obvious that the Payson Roundup is one of the very few news media that reflects the United States Constitution and its free speech and free press.

The Payson Roundup has received almost yearly a special award for excellence. One can’t say that for the New York Times or the Huffington Post. The Constitution is just an absolute article that needs to be reworked, according to the progressive clowns. For an honest analysis of world events the Wall Street Journal and Fox News are fair and balanced. They back up their news with proof not with any spin at the progressive news media producers. The writer unhappy with my letters and with others got his reasonable response. It might be time for some to study the vise of Dictator Hugo Chavez with that of Obama, same train track to socialism and beyond.

Ed Welge


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 7 months ago

Fox News? That's rich. Yeah, the same Fox News that hires fearmongering goons like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly, the same Fox News that gives airtime to a disgraced figures like Dick Cheney and his psychotic wife. The same network run by a former GOP operative and then deigns to call itself "fair and balanced." Of course, they're not even bothering with that silly charade anymore, and neither should anyone else. Fox News is just as much a tool of the Republican Party as Roger Ailes, its President and Chairman.

Also, freedom of speech does not mean that people who write letters to the editor have a right to demand them to be printed. It means that the government cannot take action against the newspaper's right to report what it wants in whatever manner it wants. To wrap the newspaper's clearly conservative bend in rhetoric about Constitutional rights by pretending that Mr. Welge, Terry Putnam, and others are championing free speech by leveling what once would have been considered seditious accusations against the President is disingenuous. I expect better from the local paper. A Google search of "Payson Roundup award" yields no evidence of any awards given, so I would be delighted to hear what this amorphous "yearly...special award" is.

Also, I think Mr. Welge is under the illusion that the Huffington Post is a newspaper. It is a collection of liberal and progressive blogs on the internet, and makes no claim to be anything else, as Fox News does. The Wall Street Journal has been attacked for making mistakes, as has the New York Times. Editorials aside, I find the Times to be peerless in its coverage of national and international news and politics.


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