A Very Wise Man



In response to Ted Paulk’s letter on June 11.

Sir, I will have you know that I know Ed Welge and I must tell you that he is not deranged, and that he does not ramble on. He is actually a very wise man who tells it like it is.

The problem is that there are way too many people walking around with blinders on thinking that this president is doing a great job.

Have you walked around Payson recently, sir. Have you noticed how many homes are in foreclosure? Have you seen how many people are out of work? How about the large auction signs on some of the homes in Payson? And when have you ever seen someone from Payson standing on the street corner holding a sign that read “Please I need work”?

Are you aware that there are 8,000 people in Arizona that are homeless, and in Flagstaff alone there are 1,300 homeless families, and that our forests have become homes for people who no longer have a place to call home?

Spending is out of control in Washington, cap and trade is a joke as so is the new “Obama Care.” People need to pay more attention to what is going on. I like reading “Ed’s Stuff” as you so put it. After all sir, we are all entitled to our opinion, and sir, this is mine.

Mikey Marazza


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