We Can Speak For Ourselves



This is in response to Lisa Sieracki’s recent letter to the editor. To start with, we want the public to know that Lisa Sieracki has never been or will be the spokesperson for the employees of the Pine Strawberry Fire Department. You have to remember who is making these statements; Lisa is a disgruntled, ex-employee of the Pine Strawberry Fire Department.

For Mrs. Sieracki to say that we have a morale problem at our department because of our current chief, well, this statement is not entirely true. I for one was never asked about this alleged problem. I know for a fact that most of our employees were not questioned by her, so Lisa, where did you get your information? We feel that if we do have a morale problem, it is not coming from within our department, it is from some public input that has been given at the board meetings and the good-old rumor mill going around town.

Some of us (the Pine Strawberry Fire Department employees) feel we have lost the public support and trust, the kind of trust that tells us that the public knows we can do the job that we have been trained and hired to do.

There was a statement made recently that the department should have bought out Chief Lashua and brought in two interim chiefs for two months. Financially, this didn’t make any sense and thankfully three board members made the intelligent decision to vote no on this decision.

Unfortunately, what this has communicated to our department employees is that some of the public thinks the employees we have in place to temporarily fill in for the chief during his absence were not qualified to do the job they have been trained to do.

All of us at Pine Strawberry Fire Department are qualified employees on the state and national level, if we weren’t, we would not be in the positions we are in.

We have gone through many hours and years of training to achieve these levels.

In closing, what this whole mess boils down to is a few people not agreeing on something, and this is a sad fact, but this will end up dividing friendships, our workplace and our community, all because of one person not agreeing with the other one. But, there will be those of you out there who will read this and say “I don’t care, I will rely on my reliable sources” and continue these personal attacks. What I will say to this person is, “I hope your source is really good, because sooner or later you will have to answer for your actions and for them.”

Chief Lashua should be supported and thanked for the job that he has done, he has saved this department and the taxpayers more money than any of our previous chiefs. I for one, give Chief Lashua my support.

Don Voakes, engineer, PSFD


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