Bass Tourney Should Not Get Special Treatment



While reading Pete Aleshire’s June 11, 2010, “Bass tourney snarled in tangle of red tape” article, I wonder why the Payson Town Council, i.e., the chamber of commerce, can think that they are so special that rules that everyone else must abide by shouldn’t apply to them?

Is this the kind of a lesson you want taught to your children? The lesson the kids should be learning is the importance and benefits of the bass 13- to 16-inch release ruling being a solid fish management tool. It is in place for a reason.

Do you think that all bass tournaments should be exempt from rules or just the ones held in the Payson neighborhood that are on TV?

The “tangle of red tape” is not a tangle nor is it red tape. It is plain and simple a straight-forward game fish regulation.

Rosey is a really wonderful special lake that should be enjoyed by all in an equal way. It should not be a cash cow to be used for making money.

Michael Sullivan

Austin, Texas


don evans 6 years, 7 months ago

Like, the general public follows the slot restriction when catching bass. Give me a break. Fish your own lakes in Tehacus.


Gary Lamken 6 years, 7 months ago

Rules are rules. If the general public did not follow the slot restrictions then the bass population would not have improved over the years. If you cheat and get caught you should be fined, your liscense suspended for a year and your rods and tackle confiscated. And if you do it again your boat should be confiscated, and you should lose your liscense for life. Caught again, prison. No exceptions.


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