Watching The News



As I write this letter, I am watching the news on TV 12 showing the two forest fires, one by Williams and the other in the southeast corner of Arizona.

I know that the Fourth of July is only two weeks away, and I understand that the Town of Payson is planning on having a fireworks display. I have never been fascinated by fireworks locally, particularly since I can watch them on TV most every channel every hour from New York to Los Angles and in my easy chair with my kitchen nearby.

Why the town decision-makers would promote such an activity with the area so dry and with several town employees laid off or on reduced work weeks and most of the citizens between a rock and a hard place is beyond me.

There are certainly more practical and certainly safer uses of that expense. I encourage any citizens who feel as I do to call their town councilors with their thoughts.

The phone number for Payson Town Hall is 474-5242.

Thank you for listening (reading)

J.P. Bill Powers


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