All Roads Need Watering In Christopher Creek



I live in Christopher Creek, and have noticed that the fire department is watering down certain roads within the community.

My wife called the fire department to request our road also be watered down, and was told that the request would be given to the driver.

It is funny however that the roads being watered down just happen to be the roads on which the chief, her assistant chief husband (driver of the water tender), and the fire board members live.

This seems to be the norm in Christopher Creek, since it has been said many times, “We do things differently up here.”

This is getting to the point of being criminal rather than ridiculous or absurd.

The residents of the fire district pay taxes for services from their fire district, I didn’t know watering down the roads was part of that service, but if it is, it should be for all the residents, not just a chosen few.

Ridiculous, you bet. Discriminatory, definitely. Criminal, maybe.

Sam Seay

Christopher Creek


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