Longtime Town Attorney Takes Buyout


After two decades of often stormy seas, longtime Payson Town Attorney Sam Streichman’s final was a float on still waters.

Streichman steered the town through legal swamps for 20 years, during which water policy often dominated the town’s agenda.

Streichman proved crucial in setting up the town’s water system, building Green Valley Park, Payson’s long quest for water, the growth controls its water shortage spurred and finally the contracts with the federal government and the Salt River Project that secured water from the Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Among other agreements, Streichman negotiated the town’s purchase of a private water company, complete with the hiring of water department head Buzz Walker, who, like Streichman, took an early retirement buyout intended to reduce the town’s benefit costs.

“He’s been a steadfast oarsman throughout his 30 years of service,” said Councilor Su Connell. May his years of retirement be spent leisurely listening to the falling rain. Thanks for providing us with the legal counsel that kept us safe and dry.”

“And to the best of my knowledge,” quipped Mayor Kenny Evans, “out of jail.”

Pressed to speak, the notoriously laconic Streichman observed, “I’ve spent a good deal of my career here. I have only one potential regret,” he deadpanned. “When we purchased the water company, Buzz came with it.”

“That was the regret?” asked Evans.

“I’ve enjoyed the years and the changes,” said Streichman. “I’ve served 10 separate councils —that’s an awful lot of councils. But I’ve enjoyed doing that. I hope for nothing but new prosperity and success” for the town.


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