Nitrogen: Here We Go Again



In regards to the Friday, June 11 Mail Call, Conrad and Beverly Okerwall wrote a letter about driving a 100 miles on a flat tire. After running over a rake in the middle of Interstate 10 at 80 miles an hour. And never even knew they had a flat tire! This story was very impressive I have to admit, but I had to read it twice to make sure I was reading the same paragraph, it did not make sense, it’s impossible for rubber to get that hot without shredding and catching on fire within 5 to 10 miles, at 80 miles per hour. On a virtually flat tire as in their words, meaning a flat tire: per the dictionary!

Now this information should clear up everybody’s mind about nitrogen-filled tires.

Our good Lord and Creator, provides us with 78.09 percent, might as well say 80 percent, of natural nitrogen that we breathe constantly it’s in the atmosphere free. Oxygen contains 20.95 percent in natural atmosphere, and that is also what we breathe as well. Some of these past articles have declared that when nitrogen is injected into auto tires, the nitrogen seeps somehow between the plies of the tires, think about that, that weakens your tire. That claim was nothing more than hogwash.

Nitrogen is a form of gas just like the oxygen we all intake into our lungs, it has no penetration chemicals. If a person actually had their tires filled with nitrogen the tires would be pressurized to the manufacturer’s required tire pressure with the nitrogen. Common sense, pressure is pressure no matter what type of gas is replaced. On common air compressors, they are drawing 80 percent nitrogen out of the same air that we are breathing in our lungs, it’s the same nitrogen! And it’s all free no charge, it doesn’t cost $429 per tire plus tax.

Here is a very simple test to prove about the slow seepage when using nitrogen in tires. Go buy a good grade balloon, take a needle with you, have the balloon filled with the nitrogen, Stick the balloon and see if it pops or simply oozes out. The proof is in the pudding once and for all!

Al Buckner


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