Arizona Needs To Abandon Canamex Highway Project



The Canamex Highway is alive and well.

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect in 1994, we’ve heard the great sucking sound of American jobs going south to Mexico. Soon after, the flight of U.S. companies going to Red China for even cheaper wages was the norm.

So now, tractor-trailer size shipping containers from China are stacked five-high at the ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach waiting to be distributed around the U.S.

To the chagrin of American shoppers who can’t find any American made products on store shelves, companies like China Shipping, Evergreen and Yang Ming, clog our ports, highways and railroads, and shelves.

Canamex has been on the drawing boards of the establishment planners for over a decade. The Canadian American Mexican highway is part of the North American Union design of blending the three countries into one wonderful trade-labor zone. No boundaries. No ugly sovereignty, just a big happy family. To expedite this idea, the open-borders-free-trade crowd has a grand plan. Build a great big new port, Punta Colonet, in Mexico, 130 miles south of Tijuana. That would take the load off California ports. Then a highway system could relieve California freeways.

This would be a roadway into Arizona at Yuma. Then a freeway section in Southern Arizona would lead north to meet State Highway 93 at Wickenburg. On we go to Interstate 15 by Las Vegas and on to Western Canada. Pipe dream? Gov. Jan Brewer has a Canamex Task Force, with an executive director eyeballing the possibilities of the plan. (Is that a volunteer position or are we paying for it?)

Arizonans need to realize what Canamex and the North American Union are all about. Gov. Brewer needs to abandon her participation in such travesties. Turning Arizona into a series of truck stops, for Mexican trucks, no doubt, is not serving the people of Arizona. It is not the wise dispensing of taxpayer money. Put Canamex to a vote of the people, and see what happens.

Instead of a Canamex Task Force, we need an Arizona Task Force of SWAT, horseback and DPS helicopter lawmen, to sweep Pinal County and keep going south until all foreigners are run out of our state. But of course, you can plan international highways, but there’s never any money for securing our border.

Sonni Hunt


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 6 months ago

I'm wondering if I should abstain from the water here in Payson. It seems to make people seriously messed-up in the head.

First of all, if there was a "great sucking sound of jobs going south" why would we be such a hotbed for immigration? If anything, NAFTA hurt Mexico's job market by allowing them to buy subsidized American corn at below market value, putting thousands of workers out of business and making the crop yellow gold here in the States. The result is that American farmers expanded their crop once demand overcame supply and, to this day, Mexicans come here (legally or otherwise) in droves to take jobs in agriculture that no one else will do and help these farmers who would otherwise be incapable of reaping hundreds of square miles of corn harvest.

CANAMEX is a road meant to be used for commerce between the three countries. It's no more a threat to American sovereignty than Nogales Highway. Besides, I thought you right-wing nutjobs were all about free markets and free people and all that jazz? At least, that's the excuse you use when you're busy shredding the concept of the social contract. What happened?


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