Man Charged With Assault On Mayor


Police say a meeting on barking dog complaints turned violent when one resident snarled at the mayor and reportedly hit him with his hand.

Robert D. Brown, 71, of Payson was cited and released on assault and disorderly conduct charges, said Police Chief Don Engler.

Engler, who was present at the June 15 meeting held in Town Manager Debra Galbraith’s office, said Brown became frustrated with the discussion and decided to leave. As he walked out of the room, Brown reportedly hit Mayor Kenny Evans in the stomach area with his hand.

On June 17, Brown was cited at his home, where he admitted to Engler his anger had got away from him at the meeting.

The June 15 meeting was organized by a group of citizens concerned about insistent dog barking in their neighborhood. Galbraith, Engler, Evans, Councilors Su Connell, Ed Blair and eight residents attended the informal meeting in Galbraith’s office. Because there were not enough chairs, Evans stood near the office door while the rest of the group sat around a table.

After roughly 45 minutes of discussion, Brown became upset and raised his voice, Engler said. Evans told Brown he needed to remain calm and lower his voice.

Brown got up and said he was leaving because “the meeting was a bunch of bull,” Engler said.

As Brown walked by Evans, he used the back of his hand to strike Evans in the belly, Engler said. Brown then continued out the door and down the hallway.

At the end of the hallway, Brown yelled at Evans to take the matter outside, Engler said.

Evans ignored the request and turned back toward the meeting.

After the meeting, Engler said Evans thought about the incident and decided to press charges.

Engler went to Brown’s home and cited him. During an interview, Brown admitted to Engler that his anger had got out of control at the meeting and he wished the incident had not occurred.


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