Saving Money



“To save money, Payson plans to offer ... buyout packages to two employees and then rehire them as private contractors,” Payson Roundup, Tuesday, June 15.

This is almost as good as the state selling the capitol in Phoenix and then renting it back.

If this does indeed save money, why not buyout all the town employees and then rehire them as “private contractors? Each employee would receive the “five or six months salary,” that is being offered to Buzz and Ray, right now while they are making less money than they would be making five or 10 years from now, thus saving even more money by buying them out immediately instead of later. I would also suggest that when the “new prosecutor” is hired (replacing Sam who was bought out earlier this year to “save money”), we immediately buy him out so as to save money by catching him when his salary ($57,000-$90,000) is at its lowest.

Lastly, instead of the employees going to work for ESI (a company I’ve never heard of), who will charge the town $3,000 per employee per year, I recommend they all go to work for TED, a new company (with impeccable credentials, I might add), that is waiting in the wings, and who will only charge the town $1,000 per employee, thus creating an immediate savings of 66.6 percent.

I really had to appreciate the quote by Mayor Evans in the article, “There are really some strange things that have happened over the years.”

Ted Paulk


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