Council Made Right Decision On Roundabout



I must take exception to your editorial on Friday, Feb. 10 regarding the town council vote on the roundabout. I know you are well aware of the fact that ADOT/Fed funds have strings attached and can only be used for certain things.

In this case, the ADOT funds could only be used on state roads, not local streets. With the very limited funds ADOT has they must select projects that will have a positive effect on the greatest amount of citizens and still stay within the limits of the funding. When considering projects they must consider volume of traffic, crash rates, hazards as well as future needs.

Clearly, no matter how poor the condition of Manzanita, or for that matter several other streets in town, the Airport Road and Highway 87 intersection carries 10 times more traffic on it than any local road.

I agree that the council was in a tough spot and did what they had to do to correct a dangerous and congested intersection. I agree we need funds to maintain and improve our local roads, but we also need to take advantage of funds that become available to us when they address one of the town’s traffic needs.

Tom Loeffler



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