Not A Republican Activist



What did staff reporter Pete Aleshire call me? Should I be flattered, insulted, or what? Actually Mr. Aleshire left me confused. He called J.D. Hayworth’s appearance at Tiny’s on Wednesday a gathering of Republican activists.

First, I am not a Republican. I am a registered Independent. I am a local resident who wants to be an informed voter. As well as attending Mr. Hayworth’s gathering, I also attended Senator McCain’s town hall on Saturday, and if I could have, I would have attended Mr. Glassman’s gathering.

Second, wanting to make absolutely sure I understood what Mr. Aleshire called me, I checked my online dictionary to see what it said the word activist means. In describing me and, I might add, my observations of the other citizens who attended the event, we were not activists. As defined in my online dictionary, I was not involved in nor did I witness from others any “direct confrontational action” or “vigorous or aggressive action” as my dictionary describes activist. There were verbal jabs and comparisons and contrasts of activist.

I wonder if the mayors, council persons, voting age citizens, and students who attended Senator McCain’s and Mr. Glassman’s gatherings will also be called activists by staff reporter Aleshire as he is, I am sure, a non-biased reporter.

Robert M. Reiver


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