Passage Of The Override Benefits The Whole Community



A response to the writer who is against the override issue (Feb. 23) “as I think it is unfair to us who have no children in Payson schools, we have already paid for our children’s education, plus.”

My husband and I have done that as well, but I know that we did not do it on our own or by ourselves. Educating children is community work, something done (in our case) by all of the members of our Illinois community (including the seniors) so that our daughters had well trained teachers and well equipped classrooms. So now it’s my turn to pitch in and help out.

But even if I am not doing it for the Payson kids (which I am!), passing the override benefits all of us as well, giving us the best opportunity to live in a community with well-educated children and neighbors. One generation helping out the next. That’s how we seniors got to where we are and that is the wisest way to go forward.

Virginia McCall


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