Teens Need A Recreation Hall



I think that there is nothing for teens to do in Payson. This is what is causing the crimes, they have nothing to do and nowhere to go so they vandalize, steal, etc., just for something to do.

This problem could be solved if we teens, had somewhere just for us to hang out. Perhaps a club for people between 13-18, or a rec hall in town. Anything where we can go to hang out and get rid of energy in a constructive manner.

If we had a club, just for us, we would be able to have fun in a safe environment. No alcohol, drugs or violence. It would be watched by adults and there would be dancing, maybe a karaoke night or something. We would be able to hang with friends and not get into trouble.

Perhaps we should get a rec hall, kids would be able to blow off steam by playing ball. It would let us be able to get out of the house and play games, sports and other things with friends.

Personally, Payson should have something just for teens to keep them out of trouble.

Kayla Cranford


Pat Randall 6 years, 10 months ago

There is plenty for kids to do in Payson and some of the places closed down from lack of interest. Goofy Golf, Batting Range, and the teen center on 87 are three that closed. There is still bowling, movies, ball fields, tennis courts and on and on. Get up from the computer and look around.
It is not the job of citizens in Payson to pay more taxes to the town to entertain or keep teenagers out of trouble. It is the parents job to train you kids how to act and respect other peoples property. You were not put on earth to be pampered !


Tim Barrett 6 years, 10 months ago

While I agree with some of the comments made by patrandall....the enterprises mentioned are for profit. The Teen Centers have worked well in other locales that I have lived in. I would suggest corporate sponsorship as opposed to paying taxes to fund such a venue. This would also be a great place to start a School of Rock at. Paul Green's School of Rock has inspired hundreds of youth to pick up instruments and better their lives.


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