Meet George Jetson With Today’S Technology


Remember George Jetson? He was the cartoon guy who had everything. He had things we had never thought possible — flying cars, robots, videoconferencing, and more. Shortly after we met the Jetsons, we reached what we thought was the pinnacle of technological advances — the ’80s.

We thought we finally had it all — we could play “Oregon Trail” on our classroom Apple IIc computer, conquer the “Summer Games” on our Commodore 64, or make a “Happy Birthday!” banner using print shop and a dot matrix printer. We sort of forgot about the Jetsons and were content to enjoy what we had.

Then, just as the New Kids on the Block faded away, something new came along to re-spark our imaginations: the Internet. The Internet made possible many of the things we thought impossible during those Saturday morning Jetsons marathons. Let’s take a look at a few of the things we now share in common with the Jetson family:


The Jetsons used to hop into their mini-spaceships, say a destination, and magically be on their way.

Although we have yet to commercialize mini-spaceships, we have gained the ability to give and receive directions inside our vehicles. Thanks to satellites and instantaneous communication, we now have the ability to step into our cars and instantly know where to go. We may ask “Where’s the closest barber shop?” “No problem, let me show you now” responds the car.

It is as cool now as it was back in elementary school. Only now, it’s us living in the future.

Video conferencing

Jane Jetson was a woman with lots to do. She had kids to raise, clothes to buy, and historical societies to help. She didn’t have time to spare, and she became the ultimate multi-tasker. How would she have survived if it weren’t for the convenience of speaking to friends, neighbors, and her husband via her television screen?

The Internet boom has allowed us to communicate with both video and voice. While businesses have been using the technology for quite some time, videoconferencing is becoming more feasible for home users. Internet communications services, such as Skype, allow people to connect using their Internet connection. Recent announcements from major TV manufacturers have indicated that the technology will soon be available on the family television set. (Before you dismiss this new trend, you may be comforted to know that DVR and TiVo technologies ensure that television viewing can be paused to field a phone call during your favorite show).

Endless possibilities

There are many other similarities that are beginning to manifest themselves. Judy, the Jetson’s oldest daughter, used a computer to post diary entries — they just didn’t call it Facebook back then. George worked a mere 9 to 10 hours a week at his office — they just didn’t have the term “virtual office” back then.

Many things have and will continue to come into our lives through technology. As they do, please feel free to contact Computer Problem Specialists at (928) 468-0000 for any technology needs. Who knows, maybe next year will be the year we get a housekeeping robot ...

Until then, here’s to the future!

Daniel Taft is the senior network administrator and member/owner of Computer Problem Specialists, LLC with a degree in applied computer science. His career spans more than 20 years.


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