Soccer Is Good For Youth



Soccer can be good for your health, especially for kids and young people, because sometimes when they start playing, they realize that smoking is not good for them, and can stop them from being good at soccer because their lungs are hurt by the smoke, and they can get dizzy and not run so well.

Another good thing about soccer is it gives us kids something active that is good to do — much better than playing Play Station 2 all the time (and I like Play Station 2, but not all the time!).

If you’re really good at soccer, your parents can be proud of you, and if you’re really really good, maybe one day you can become a professional.

I learn a lot about being a good citizen in Mr. Tatum’s class, which means learning about and participating in the government. Government is of the people, by the people and for the people. Mr. Tatum rocks!

Francisco Valenzuela, seventh-grader at Rim Country Middle School


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