Thank You For Your Service To Your Country



While I do not personally know the young soldier in Friday’s news article, Dugan Eckstein, I would like to thank him for his service to our country. And while sending letters and packages are kind and uplifting to the spirits of our boys overseas, our prayers for them do more.

I would like to make a challenge to all readers — adopt this young man and others like him when you hear or read about them — pray for them and their mothers and fathers. I know that when my youngest was deployed in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, prayers from others were felt and this sacrifice for our sons and daughters

is more meaningful than I can even tell you.

My oldest son, David, will be deployed in several weeks to Afghanistan also. He is in the Army and flies a Kiowa helicopter. He will be flying every day, protecting the lives of those moving supplies throughout the country. He and I would covet your prayers also.

I would appreciate knowing the names of local deployed service men and women and adding their names to my list of dedicated sons and daughters who are standing up for our freedoms overseas. My e-mail is:

Thank you and God bless you, Dugan Eckstein.

Susan Butler


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