Think Twice About Voting No On The School Override



I am a student in the Payson area. I have been reading all the letters to the editor about the school override. To all of you who are thinking about voting no, I would just like to put this out there and hope you will think twice about your “no” vote.

A lot of you write that you don’t have any children in the Payson schools, that you have already paid taxes to put your children through school. But somewhere in this country, your children are trying to educate your grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren. Every community in this country is grappling with the same issues that face Payson voters.

Do you really want the communities where they live to start cutting school services to your families? This is not an isolated problem in Payson. In the near future a large number of the students in Payson will be the work force, taxpayers and voters. When it comes time for you to want increases in Social Security and Medicare, these students turned voters will be asked to vote “yes” for the increases.

We already know that Social Security will not be around when we are ready to retire. This country is in grave danger of never being able to recover from what our parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents have left us to deal with. The children of this community deserve a great education.

How are they supposed to compete and succeed against students from around the world without the support of our communities regarding education? One last thought, the teachers and educators in our community are some of the finest I have ever had. They are doing their part to give us the best education possible. Please vote “yes” and give us a chance to make a difference in our lives and yours. Thank you.

Micha Meyers


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