No Vote Urged On Health Care Bill



Representative Kirkpatrick, I have been a registered Democrat since 1968, and I realize that we do need health care reform; however, the Obama plan is not the right plan for America or its citizens. It will increase the premium cost by 10 to 13 percent (per CBO calculations); cost between $2.5 and $6.0 trillion (or more), which will bankrupt America; and put the government between us and our doctors, reducing our freedom of choice.

Please do the sensible thing and vote no on this bill.

Have you read all 2,700-plus pages of this bill? I am sure there are many earmarks and pork, which could be eliminated to reduce this bill to a manageable size, making it much easier to implement.

Just remember, it is your constituents that voted you into office, not Speaker Pelosi, and you must answer to them and do their bidding for them.

Currently, the vast majority of Americans say to scrap this bill and start over. I am one of them, and I am sure the majority of voters in your district would agree with me.

If you vote yes on this bill, you are guaranteed a no vote from me in November no matter what else you say or do.

Who knows, I just might be a registered Republican in November.

David Flider


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