Scouts Serve Their Community



A Scout is helpful means that he will volunteer his time to the service of his community and neighborhood without expecting pay.

Service not only helps the people that the Scouts serve, but it also benefits the Scouts that participate in the service; it teaches them to be more charitable to others, it also helps them gain a knowledge of work, and it will help them in their career.

When Scouts serve their community and neighborhood they do things such as making breakfast, hand out supplies to the people who might have been evacuated and can’t return to their house for several days.

When the community is putting on a festival, Scouts volunteer to help.

Scouts can serve their neighborhood by helping the elderly or cleaning someone’s yard or helping those in need by donating supplies to that person.

Doing service is a very important part in Scouts; service is the very essence of Scouting.

Isom White


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