Vote For A Voucher System



I would like to take this opportunity to express my concerns with the responses to my concerns about the proposed school override.

Comments have been expressed that I am “vindictive, full of hatred, selfish, and just plain wrong.” Interesting that 80 percent of the respondents to my letter were ex-school teachers.

I have been involved in extra-curricular school activities and did some teaching all my life.

It was stated it is the obligation of “Patriotic Americans” to provide support for our future citizens; please define support. Does that include illegals? The phrase sounds as a classic socialistic concept.

The village is responsible for everyone. I wonder what is being taught in our schools today; American history, government/civics or the New Progressive concept — redistribution of income.

Why are our public schools having difficulties with finances, but also in meeting standards set by the state, yet private and charter schools do not. We need to vote for a voucher system, not a budget override.

If pro-override people want to assist financially, why not have fund-raising benefits, not tax increases, or do they need the tax write-offs? Set up donation vessels at various locations for those who wish to participate in assisting in inadequate school administration. Better yet, vote for the voucher program. Make the schools accountable.

Thank you for you consideration.

David L. Tovar


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