Ladies Jammie Party Tonight


Hello again, fellow Creekers.

Well it looks like Mother Nature is still throwing some random snow storms our way. One day it’s almost shirt weather and the next day you need a jacket. I am fully convinced that for whatever reason, Christopher Creek has its very own unique and “fun” weather pattern.

Reminder — tonight, Friday, March 12, is the night for the Christopher Creek Ladies Jammie Party. The party is at Karen Thornton’s house. Festivities begin at 5 p.m. Attendees should wear their jammies and bring a favorite munchie to share. Plan on continuing the party at the Creekside, where husbands or others of the male persuasion may join in the fun.

Here’s my first Heber White (short) story provided Rod Britain. Rick Schantz has one about Heber driving his loader over a septic tank ... one that he had just covered up! Broke through of the concrete top and nearly upset the loader ... and all he could say was, “Rick, in all the excitement, I’ve forgotten. Tell me, is my bucket full or is it empty?”

In town, Heber had to order another top for a tank that had just been delivered. When asked what happened to the original top, he replied, “Just deliver the top ... the story’s not that important!”

This was what I thought was a neat response to an article I wrote awhile back about us all making the effort to be better neighbors. “I believe we do need to stick together as a community and remember the simple “Golden Rule” we all remember as children: simply put — treat others the way you want to be treated (regardless if you like them or not). I agree with you that I would never want to see a Hilton Hotel or any other MAJOR developments in Christopher Creek. But we do have to have businesses to survive and more than that prosper.” This was written and e-mailed to me by Glori Olsson and I personally couldn’t agree with her more — thanks Glori!

As always, I do need your help with content and stories! For anyone wanting to submit information from the Christopher Creek area for inclusion in our weekly article, please e-mail me at: Any submitted pictures must be full-size (typically around 1MB per picture). The cutoff time for inclusion in Friday’s article is close of business on Monday.

Thanks again for reading the column.


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