Tired Of Muddy Walkways And Puddles


What a whirlwind weekend my hubby and I experienced. We traveled to Yuma, to see our grandson, Brian Snyder, our new Marine recruit.

He was able to come home for a 10-day leave before being assigned to Camp Pendleton, Calif. for three months of more training. While he was at the San Diego Recruiting Station, he qualified for expert in shooting. After he is finished at Camp Pendleton, he will be assigned to Camp Lejune in North Carolina for extended training. He will be away for about a year before we get to see him again. We are proud grandparents!

The city of Yuma is incredible in its size and traffic. The city is trying to keep up with the explosion of growth by road widening at crucial intersections which drives a person crazy trying to figure out a way to get around town without a bottleneck.

The winter visitors with their big rigs and the hundreds of 18-wheelers that seem to be everywhere make the streets a nightmare. The agricultural side of Yuma is also going great guns with the harvest of lettuce and other cool weather crops, so the company buses are going to and from the harvesting fields that surround Yuma.

Then we come home to rainy and snowy weather. Tonto Village has enough snow to last for quite a while and we all are ready for spring. Bring on the warm weather and sun. As I look out my office window, the snow keeps falling. I have to remind myself that when the dry season gets here, we will be looking for the monsoon rains to start, but for now, I am so ready for no more muddy walkways and puddles everywhere.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The economy has even hit fire departments. The administration offices of the Hellsgate Fire Department has now moved back to the main station house in Star Valley. The address is: 80 S. Walters Lane, Star Valley, AZ 85541. The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The telephone number remains the same: (928) 474-3835.

Birthdays, etc.

June Milke of Tonto Village III will celebrate her birthday March 20. June is a longtime resident of the Village and we all wish her many more birthdays to come. Gayle Fitch also of Tonto Village III has her big day on March 22. Gayle is a board member of the Hellsgate Fire Department and she is very involved with the betterment of the community. Pleasant thoughts are sent to the both of you with a heartfelt wish for a happy day. Happy Birthday!

Payge Ferriera, a former resident of the Village, suffered a heart attack recently. Payge is now home recuperating in Houston Mesa. Payge still comes to the Village every week to participate in the Double D gals’ nine-ball tournaments. May the sun shine on your speedy recovery.

The nine-ball tournament last week was held at the Double D with a guy playing! Ross Tucker had been told that he could play nine-ball with the gals if he wore a skirt. Well, he did. The gals had a great time with Ross playing. He didn’t have a chance winning against the Christopher Creek gals, Patty Boeschling shot for first place and Nancy Olson, another “Creeker” won third place. Ethel Cain shot for second place. Ross, do you want to try again?

The next scotch doubles tournament will be held Friday, March 19. The fun will start about 7 p.m. Grab a partner along with your favorite cue stick and head on down to the Double D for a fun evening.


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