Neighbors Protest Housing For Seniors



The article, “Neighbors protest housing for seniors” by Pete Aleshire struck righteous anger in me. Why such a title? “Block” more senior senior apartments?

I live in the existing apartments. We’re one big family, basically happy and stable. We have to put up with barking dogs that fight with each other (maybe they’re hungry) and with junky back yards that owners ignore.

We are peaceful people, women mostly, caring mothers and grandmothers. We cherish the woman who runs the complex. She doesn’t “own” it, as the paper stated. She has our respect and love.

“... more traffic ...” Yes, some of us actually walk to the shopping center. I don’t think that a few more older people walking create a hazard. Sounds healthy to me.

Too bad that only the guys with negative thoughts spoke. Thanks to Pete Aleshire for mentioning that no one else got a chance to speak. I wish I had been notified of the meeting to put in my two cents worth.

The Foundation for Senior Living deserves applause for trying to create housing for us “old” people. The group wants us to live independently with dignity, utilizing what little money we have. God bless them. God bless our manager.

May the people who complained about us in the “old folks home” realize that some day they might like to live in such a nice place and should be very grateful that there is the Foundation for Senior Living.

Marcia Greenshields


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