Ticket Will Keep Driver Out Of Star Valley



On or about Feb. 19, I received a “hand” carried photo radar ticket from Star Valley. According to the ticket, I was traveling “approximately” 56 in a 45 mph zone. An area that has poor signage.

I sent a certified check on Feb. 26 via certified mail. I wasn’t going to argue the issue since the date of the violation was Dec. 21. Now, on March 10, I received a blue card stating I must pay an additional $32 or have my license suspended. This is outrageous. I paid the listed amount on the ticket I received ($197). Star Valley is more of a Scam Valley.

A word to the local business owners — I won’t be stopping in Star Valley for gas or food anymore and will be notifying everyone else to do the same.

To local leaders — photo radar might soon be gone because of misuse like yours.

James Sercu

Fountain Hills


Dan Varnes 6 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Sercu will surely enjoy seeing the two, new cameras that Star Valley has installed. Guess they couldn't just stop at one cash cow---three of them are "needed" to keep Star Valley safe. : )

But why stop at only three? Side-streets have "dangerous speeders," too, don't they?


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