New Epa Rules A Critical Blow To Struggling Economy



I read recently that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thinks that now is the right time to introduce new rules and regulations geared at regulating greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) on America’s industrial facilities, power plants, hospitals, and small businesses (such as bakeries).

This is wrong. Our priorities should be geared toward creating jobs and getting us out of this economic hole. These new rules will not help economically or environmentally. They are simply regulations that appeal to bureaucrats who insist on ever greater expansion of governmental controls over every component of industry. It is irresponsible to be sure.

Given all that, EPA’s desired rules would serve as a critical blow to our struggling economy. We need to be doing whatever we can to support our economy and to stimulate businesses into growing and creating more jobs. The last thing we need to do is to create needless burdens on our fragile economy.

The EPA would be right to postpone this and re-think what it can do to protect jobs and the Arizona economy.

Debra Jones


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