Disappointed With Congresswoman



The results of the vote on HB3200 (health care plan) prompted the first letter I have ever written to a political figure. It was not a congratulatory message, but rather an expression of deep disappointment in Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick’s “yes” vote cast on Sunday evening.

After viewing her TV spot urging President Obama to scrap the proposed bill and start over on health care, I believed she might stand her ground and vote “no.” On Sunday she voted “yes.” So I wrote to her and asked what happened to change her mind? Did she just experience an overwhelming rush of loyalty to the Democratic Party? Was she invited to one of the infamous flights on Air Force One? Surely Rom Emanuel had not extended his unclothed persuasive tactics to the ladies’ locker room!

Perhaps she genuinely found merit in HB3200. Is it possible that she truly believes government bean counters should be permitted to ration health care according to a person’s age? I wonder if she feels at all deprived that her exemption from HB3200 will deny her participation in the mandated “end of life counseling” that will be forced upon the rest of us every five years upon reaching age 65. Does she really approve of

hiring 150,000 new employees to administer HB3200? I should think that, as a representative of the people of Arizona, she might consider such an expansion of government could better be put to use protecting our borders, fighting drug problems, or supporting law enforcement and firefighters. But then protecting our borders may no longer be a priority for her. After all, HB3200 will provide health care to all non-U.S. citizens ... even those who sneak across our borders to enter this country illegally. As I understand HB3200, Medicare will suffer cuts to assist this endeavor ... such a comfort to those seniors who worked and paid into the system for so many years!

I don’t know if there will be any response to my concerns from Congresswoman Kirkpatrick. I’ve even wondered if the inconsistent TV spot against the bill and the vote cast on Sunday for the bill were simply political posturing to facilitate support in her next political campaign. (If you agree with either of the two positions she took, then she might earn your vote!)

At any rate, the “yes” vote on HB3200 has been cast. Whatever her reason, by her vote on Sunday, Congresswoman Kirkpatrick supported extreme government intrusion into health care ... accompanied by significantly more government expansion and spending. I think most of us would agree that our present health care system needs some changes. But wouldn’t it have been better to keep what works and change what doesn’t? To pose a simple analogy, if you have a flat tire and your windshield wipers don’t work, it doesn’t mean you should go into debt to buy a new car!

Donna Daly


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