Kirkpatrick Betrayed Constituents



Ann Kirkpatrick betrayed the will of her constituents and the economic future of our children and grandchildren once more by voting for the “Obamacare” bill a second time on Sunday, thus sealing her fate as a one-term congressional representative.

She is totally unworthy of being a representative for our district. A traitor to the principles of our Founding Fathers and the United States Constitution.

She will retire in November with a nice fat federal pension though. She will need it to pay her health insurance premiums.

If there was a way to legally impeach and remove her from office within 30 days, I would be very very much in favor of this action. I suppose we will have to wait until Election Day in November.

Remember this when the modern day Nazis who are now called Internal Revenue Service agents fine you $2,000 for not being able or refusing to purchase health insurance.

Richard Skoglund


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