Senate Needs To Correct Health Reform Bill



Health reform bill passes. Just think, everyone will now be required to buy health insurance, even the people now with free health care.

Subsidies will be available, in the form of tax credits, not actual help in paying for the insurance.

Insurance companies will be required to accept all people, even with pre-existing conditions, keep children on until 26 years old, and have no lifetime money caps. I believe that this will raise the insurance rates even more, insurance companies are created to make money, so they will have to increase premiums to cover the additional costs.

We already have Medicaid programs in place that could be expanded to include everyone, which would cost less money instead of creating a new system that is not favored by majority of Americans. Hopefully, the senate will be able to correct some of the problems with the new system and make it fair for all Americans.

Paul Cummings


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