Virtual Law Office Opens


Attorney Jo Ellen Vork says her practice encompasses the virtual office concept.

“It is a relatively new idea, but I use it successfully here in Payson and also in Cottonwood and Tempe.”

A virtual office offers all the amenities of an office, but numerous professionals use the same space, keeping costs to a minimum and saving everyone money, including the client.

“The best aspect of a virtual office concept is that it allows me to have more contact with the client,” she said. “Traditionally, clients spend more time with the office staff than with the attorney. Using the virtual office concept, clients deal almost exclusively with me.”

Vork interviews a client, sets goals for their case, drafts the pleadings and attends all hearings and meetings.

“That is a great benefit and comfort to the client, knowing the attorney is handling their case,” she said.

Vork said she goes to the client, at their home or office, because their time is as important as mine.

“They never have to sit in an office and wait on me,” she said. “Traditionally, it is not the attorney that is familiar with their client’s case but the office staff. As I keep my staff at a minimum, I know the cases very well. In addition, because my office is virtual, I don’t charge for contact with the staff, things get done quicker and I don’t need to take on as many clients.”

Vork handles personal injury, family law, civil litigation, wills, trusts and probate.

Vork said the state bar allows for limited scope representation for family law matters. What that means for a client is they can hire Vork for a specific issue. For example, to represent a client at a hearing or fill out court documents, saving a substantial amount of money.

Vork moved to Arizona in 2001. Prior to moving to Arizona, she lived in Wyoming, spending most of her life in small towns. She decided to expand to Payson after visiting for seven years. “It seemed natural to bring my practice here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, it's a great place to live and it's fantastic knowing my neighbors." For more information, call (928) 232-9270 or (602) 670-1340.


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