Fort Verde State Park Stays Open Another Year


Arizona State Parks and the Town of Camp Verde announced Friday that Fort Verde State Historic Park will not close as planned on March 29. Camp Verde Mayor Bob Burnside has agreed to provide funding from the Town of Camp Verde and Yavapai County for State Parks to keep the park open and operating for one year.

"We have signed the Intergovernmental Agreement to keep the park open another year with options for two additional one-year periods," said State Parks Executive Director Reneé Bahl.

"We are committed to promoting this park which will bring visitors to Camp Verde even during the economic recession,” Burnside said. “Fort Verde is the focus of our tourism efforts to draw visitors to the downtown area. We also want to attract as many local volunteers as possible to get involved at the Fort with many new special events and activities. Already there are more than 50 volunteers working with Fort Verde, but we'll need everyone's support if we are going to keep the park open on the usual five-day schedule.

"Our Yavapai County Supervisors have been extremely supportive in partnering with us to keep the park open and we all appreciate the work that Supervisor Chip Davis has done to find funds to help on this effort," said Burnside.

"The Camp Verde Historical Society has been our partner for many years and has supported efforts to keep this State Park operating," said Bahl. "Arizona should appreciate the work this Historical Society has done to win the battle to save Fort Verde. This is the only State Park which offers a glimpse into the history of Arizona's frontier soldier's everyday life in the late 1800's and the best-preserved example of this period in Arizona's military history."

For information about park closures throughout the state, contact Arizona State Parks at (800) 285-3703 or visit


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