Fishing Hooks Removed, Ducks Released At Green Valley Park



Before removing the carrier from the Humane Society of Central Arizona van Lisa Boyle explains what possibly led up to the rescue of this semi-tame duck that lives at Green Valley Park. The duck had a three-pronged fish hook stuck in its neck that was graciously removed by a local veterinarian.


Boyle watches as the previously injured duck waddles back to the water where it is met by its companion of the last three years, a black mallard with a bushy tuft of feathers at the top of his head.

When a concerned citizen noticed a Green Valley Park duck had one severe kink in its neck, they did the only thing they could think of, they called the ducktor.

On Monday, Animal Control Officer Don Tanner scooped up a duck with a three-prong fishing hook lodged in its neck and delivered it to the Humane Society of Central Arizona.

Lisa Boyle, with the HSCAZ, said whoever spotted the duck, noticed it was becoming increasingly distressed and needed medical attention.

On Monday, Boyle brought the duck to the Star Valley Veterinary Clinic, along with several dogs and cats being spayed and neutered, to get the hook removed.

Dr. Alan Hallman removed the hook and gave the duck an antibiotic shot.

Boyle considered keeping the duck under observation for several days, but Hallman said it was best to return the duck to its natural environment, where it would be less stressed. Last Tuesday, Boyle released the mended duck off the Green Valley boat dock to a waddling of ducks.

“This incident brings to light how important it is to clean up after yourself when you leave (the park),” Boyle said.

“We did this because all animals matter.”


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