The Great Transformation



Well our glorious leader and commander Obama and his two commissars Pelosi and Harry Reid have just made their first major great transformation of our great country, most likely into a socialist utopia, similar to the one in Hugo Cheva’s Venezuela. Whoopi, I can’t wait, just think, this could possibly turn into Americas first dictatorship like what happened in Venezuela.

As comrade Obama stated, “this is a great moment in history for America.” It’s unfortunate he was able to keep his promise of transforming America. It’s very unfortunate, but most people during his campaign did not fully understand what he meant by transformation. I am sure you all will find out very soon. Hold your wallets, hide your money, taxes are going to the moon as well as some of your freedom and liberties.

Ed Welge


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 9 months ago

This letter makes me chuckle. It's so misinformed that it's hard to believe that someone not only thought this was worth writing, another person in the Opinions department of this rag thought it was fit for print verbatim! Sorry that you have to resort to comparing our President with...wait a second. Who on God's green earth is Hugo Cheva?


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