Thanks To Rep. Kirkpatrick For Helping Gila County



Representative Kirkpatrick, thank you for all you have done for the Payson area, for Gila County, and for all Americans. Those of us who worked so very hard for your election have been greatly rewarded. You have not disappointed us.

First, thank you for your vote favoring health care reform. Even though it isn’t all some of us would have liked, it helps many millions of Americans. As has been said, a nation must have a healthy and educated populace in order to progress.

Secondly, thank you for your work in expediting the delivery of water from Blue Ridge Reservoir to Payson and the surrounding communities. Without water, the future for this area would indeed be bleak.

Thirdly, thank you for your work in cutting through the red tape to, hopefully, get the Resolution Copper Mine project in southern Gila County on track. With an unemployment rate of 25 percent in the Globe area, we need those jobs.

You are serving us so very well. Keep up the good work.

Del Bohlmeyer


Robert Ernst 6 years, 9 months ago

Sorry Del. You are the only one who thinks Kirkpatrick is doing worth a poop in this county. How can you say that knowing she voted for HC? She will be voted out, you just wait and see. She cannot thumb her nose at the majority of Arizona citizens and get away with it.


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