Vote For True Conservatives This November



The benefits in the health care bill will start showing up only a few short weeks before the November midterm elections. However, we won’t get hit with the taxes and regulations until after the presidential election in 2012. Match the effective dates of key reform provisions against the election calendar, and it becomes clear that Democrats were as focused on writing a legislative overhaul of the health care system as they were on devising a political road map for selling it to voters.

Yes, we’re going to get screwed, but we’re not going to feel it in time to rally against any liberal running for office. So, we have to remember in November — only vote for true constitutional conservatives.

We are fortunate though as Arizona is the model state for opposition Obamacare. On our November ballot look for our constitutional amendment, HCR 2014 — the “Healthcare Freedom Act.”

It is imperative that this amendment pass if we are going to preserve our medical freedom here in Arizona.

Make sure your friends and family get out to the polls and please tell everyone to vote for this measure.

Other states are not as far along as Arizona but are beginning to fight back. Today 13 states filed lawsuits opposing Obamacare and other states are lifting the language of HCR 2014 to use in their own states.

Judy Oconnel


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 10 months ago

Wait a second, wait a second: If you and your colleagues are so certain that our health care reform law is unconstitutional, why do you feel the need to make edits to our state Constitution to combat it? Also, what's with stripping the word "public" from the title of Article XXVII? Certainly you believe that the general public deserves to have its health protected? I don't like these kind of semantic games, so why are you playing them?

So, to recap: No, I believe I will vote down your amendment because it's unnecessary. My wife will do the same. Our state Constitution is a sovereign document, not a rotary club bulletin board for right-wing extremists.


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