Blue Ribbon Committee Is Faddish



Mr. Lemon’s use of 30 years of experience to support his views is not the constructive criticism needed in this situation. I have 35-plus years of experience as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent and university instructor. Perhaps, I have as much credibility as he.

Having been involved in RIF programs, I am just as cognizant of the factors involved, but I am not in as much as of a rush to judge. Time will tell if the decisions were effective.

To patently imply “nefarious” schemes and Machiavellian tactics inflames emotions is destructive to the healing process. The board has a difficult job and deserves understanding and support.

His impassioned comments without supporting facts, such as “unfair” and “closed” are merely vehement criticism that reflects upon his objectivity. To say the district has been “eviscerated” is spacious and pernicious propaganda. We do not need more “Edwardian” politics infecting the situation.

PHS is not a large complex operation in as much as it is a 3A school for athletics. I have administered school three times that size. To imply that the new principal may not be capable, flies in the face of her 25-plus years of experience in the community and should be retracted.

His penchant for a Blue Ribbon Committee is a faddish development that has yet to yield significant improvements.

I am skeptical of his motivations at the very least his personal bias has been made public. Since he has had his say, I say to him, “Cool it, fellow educators.”

H. Moran


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