Climate Changes Can Be A Hazard To Your Health



I see that the recent news media reports that the enviro wackos are at it again. They are trying their utmost to save their sinking ship, like the Titanic, it’s a lost cause.

Recent polls show that only 23 percent of the public now support global warming, now referred to as global climate change. They had to change its name because the earth has been cooling since 1998, a known fact. The only reliable temperature readings are those from our satellites, these cannot be compromised, as those that are taken on earth and have been subject to tampering by the IPCC and those who want to alter the temperatures to fit their agenda.

They now claim that, by their recent research that climate change causes heart disease and stroke and death, asthma, respiratory allergies, and airway diseases, food borne diseases and nutrition problems, heat-related sickness and death, human growth and development, neurological diseases and almost every conceivable ailment one can think of.

I am sure the administration is behind all this bologna, as they will soon be promoting their cap and trade (tax) and energy bills. This is just more of the administration’s dirty little tricks to demonize us, climate change critics.

Our glorious leader had used this technology with the Wall Streeters, the insurance companies and the Tea Party peoples. Comrade Obama is so obvious; he made no bones about his intentions to transform our great nation into his socialistic state.

Maybe the little men in the white coats should come and haul this bunch of enviro wackos off to the funny farm.

It is so very ironic that glorious leader and his comrades have accepted millions and millions of big bucks in campaign funds from the Wall Streeters and insurance companies, then turn around and demonize them. With friends like our glorious leader, who needs enemies? The above clowns should return these funds, if they are morally honest. The question is are they?

Ed Welge


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