Volunteers Sought For First Things First Partnership Council


If you are a Gila County resident interested in helping our youngest children arrive at kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed, the First Things First Gila Regional Partnership Council needs you.

Approved by Arizona voters, First Things First works to expand and enhance early childhood development and health services for children from birth through age five.

“Volunteer your time, expertise and ideas, and be an active voice for our Gila County kids. Please join us.” said Alexis Rivera, chair of the Gila Regional Partnership Council.

The Gila Regional Partnership Council has direct responsibility to collect information on the strengths and needs of Gila County, prioritize the specific needs of children from birth through age five, plan how to address those needs; choose who to partner and collaborate with to ensure success for the children in their area and, make funding decisions necessary to carry out their plan.

Regional Council members also participate in community outreach to educate community leaders, public policymakers and the general public about First Things First and the importance of investing in early childhood.

In 2010, services funded by the Gila Regional Council resulted in an increase for developmental screening opportunities, T.E.A.C.H. scholarships, Quality First, emergency home visitation, food assistance, and emergency child care scholarships.

The Gila Regional Partner-ship Council is looking for candidates from various backgrounds – such as business, child care, faith community, at large, and tribal representation that have an interest in early childhood development and health.

The position will require a commitment of at least 10 hours per month. Previous experience on local decision-making boards is a plus.

Regional Councils and the First Things First Board work in partnership with families, caregivers and their local communities to expand or enhance early childhood development and health services.

For more information and to apply, go to www.azftf.gov/apply.


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