Bullying — We Are All Responsible



After hearing about Phoebe Prince committing suicide and after watching a “Dateline” special regarding bullying and seeing the other children who have taken their own lives because of bullying. I felt compelled to write.

I feel we are all responsible. Parents of children that bully others have to know that their child is capable of this type of behavior. Administrators and educators have to see the bullying going on in the classrooms and on the school grounds.

Campus police officers have to be aware of those that bully and be aware of the bullying that happens on the bus. And the parents of the Victims have to speak up. This has become an epidemic. The school district has policies against bullying, but I occasionally question their enforcement. Of course, in their defense, they can only attempt to enforce what they are made aware of.

I also want to present this warning to coaches (including school sports, town sports and Little League). I have personally witnessed this type of behavior on the ball field which is no type of “sportsmanlike conduct” I’ve ever seen! It may seem like nothing to those of you that don’t want to be bothered with this, but it is worth the effort to stop this.

Please be aware. Please enforce policies. Please use the influence you have to teach the bullies that this behavior is not acceptable.

Please, let’s all commit to a goal before other children feel they have nowhere to turn and cannot take any more.

Judi Lance


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