Maybe Mr. Sarver Should Move The Suns To Mexico



If Robert Sarver is so pro-illegal immigrant, to call his team “Los Suns,” maybe he should just move the team to Mexico City, where they could be called “Los Soles” every night of the season.

His use of Cinco de Mayo as the excuse for changing the players’ uniforms is in very bad taste, when 70 percent of Arizona residents support Senate Bill # 1070. As for the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks, they can go south of the border also, if they want to play politics, rather than sports.

F. McCoy



Jimi Alexander 6 years, 8 months ago

"70 percent of Arizona residents support Senate Bill # 1070."

Yeah, bullsh~t. Don't quote Rasmussen polls, they're inherently biased toward the radical right.


Sheryl Martinez 6 years, 8 months ago

My hats off to Sarver for seeing the big picture - there's more to 1070 than just illegal immigration issues - the first version of this bill banned mariachi music and gave free reign for any public official to question anyone in a mexican restaurant - give me a break - Go Los Suns AND Sarver.


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