No Vote Urged On Proposition 100



Proposition 100 is being promoted as an education “bail out.” In fact, only two-thirds (2/3) of the funds estimated at $600 million will go to education with another estimated $300 million going to health and safety. Further, there are provisions for approximately $143 million to be backed out of the education fund for use by other departments.

The most serious provision of the proposition is that funds will be deposited into the “general fund” and will not be distributed to counties.

While we sympathize with the current financial crisis in education, there is ample room to reduce administration costs in the large metropolitan areas. It is estimated that under Tom Horne, the state education administration has increased fourfold.

Be assured that Gila County and Payson will see very little of this tax if approved. It is time the state of Arizona lives within its budget and stop passing the greed and excessive spending on to the taxpayers.

The Payson Tea Party urges you to vote no on Proposition 100.

Gary Hampsch

Payson Tea Party


Jimi Alexander 6 years, 8 months ago

If the Teabaggers (read: radical, racist right-wingers) don't like it, that should be all the proof you need that it's necessary. Yes on 100!


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