Proud To Wear Colors Of The American Flag



In 1966 I was a young Marine serving in Vietnam. Many good men and women gave their lives fighting for our country, our flag, and all the people in America. Some of them were not even citizens yet, but they were fighting for a country that they loved, in hopes of one day becoming an American citizen. Today I read about about some students at a California school that were sent home because they displayed the American flag.

I feel very sorry for all those that have fought and died in all the wars, for a country that just doesn’t care anymore. A country that has been divided into a lot of smaller countries, that is no longer One Nation Under God. I have heart failure, it has been associated with exposure to Agent Orange, a defoliant used in Vietnam.

I am told that I can drop dead at anytime because of it. But if I die tomorrow, I will still consider it an honor to have given my life for this great country, as did all those who came before me and will after me. I will be wearing an American flag pin when I leave home today and every day, and God help anyone that tells me to take it off.

Anthony Daura


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