Schools Mired In The Past



We were shocked at the recent layoffs of personnel at Payson’s schools, including even our beloved PHS principal. Next year we will be short of funds again.

If the 1 percent sales tax fails, the impact will be even greater. Isn’t this a good time to take a hard look at how the schools operate? We are using the basic system set up in the late 1800s to convert large numbers of rural children into urban industrial workers.

Our schools are mired in the past. We could use computer technology to a very much greater extent than we do. We could allow students to test out of certain classes. We could actively advocate and support charter schools and partner with private schools. We need to focus like a laser on the students and their needs, not the wants and wishes of the professional educators. The old days of hiring ever larger numbers of teachers and admin support folks even in the face of shrinking student bodies are officially over.

The days of high pay and lavish benefits for our educational experts are officially over. Why do teachers even have tenure? Do accountants or architects have tenure? Things have changed and if we want to have the change benefit our students, we must realize that now is the time.

Andy McKinney


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