Blessed To Have Wonderful Volunteers


With the cool breezes blowing, some mornings it feels as though spring just can’t get a good hold. But if you come down to the humane society, all the signs are there. Puppies and kittens are arriving every day. They are all so lovable and desperate for attention. We do the best we can to give them what they need, but there are only so many of us to go around.

Fortunately we have some awesome volunteers. These wonderful people make it possible for us to save the many lives that we do. The value in each hour that a volunteer donates is priceless. The work they do here at our facility varies from giving love and kisses to tiny babies, to laundry, to hanging out in the play yard and monitoring the big dogs as they exercise, to doing maintenance on our building. The crew down at the thrift store is primarily made up of volunteers. Even our board of directors is made up of caring volunteers from our community. They bring to the table the knowledge and expertise they gathered from their careers in “real” life. We are very blessed to have so many caring people in our corner. We really would not make it without them.

Now, for the happiest story of the month! Anyone who reads this article on a regular basis knows about Gizmo, aka, Radar — a beautiful black lab, Shepherd mix, with one floppy ear. He has been here on and off since September of last year. He found his forever home last Saturday. We are so happy for Radar and his wonderful new family. He loves them and they love him. It is an example of how believing in an animal and knowing that, given enough time, the right home will eventually come along. Here at HSCAZ we are believers.

Now, meet some other great pets we hope and believe will find loving, forever homes.




Hoppy is a 7-year-old Basset/Bichon mix that was brought in by Animal Control. He was part of a hoarding situation and is known as a Dory dog. He is easygoing and well mannered. He has lived his life around many other dogs and children and has had the option to come and go in and out as he pleases. He is likely house trained, but could use some work with walking on a leash. We have had many success stories with our Dory dogs and we have faith that Hoppy will make a wonderful addition to your loving home.




Stella is a 1-year-old Bulldog mix. She was brought here by the Police Department after her owners were sadly kicked out of their home. We have not been able to reach them so that they could come get her, so we are going to try to find her a very loving home that she can be a part of. She was already spayed and is now current on all of her vaccinations. She likes older children and is a very sweet, outgoing girl. A meet and greet will be required, as well as a home visit prior to her adoption.




Chico is a 6-month-old Pit mix that was turned over by his owners because they were moving. He is a good boy who likes to play with other dogs and gets along with children. He does well on a leash and is housebroken. Chico is an active pup who will need plenty of exercise and love to be a happy guy. He is neutered and current on his shots as well.




Bear is a 5-year-old Chow/ Husky mix that was brought to us from a shelter that was closing down in Springerville. He is a gorgeous guy with snow white fur and sky blue eyes. He is a friendly guy who loves people and kids. He gets along with other dogs, but will need a home without cats or small dogs. He is housebroken, walks great on a leash and is neutered and current on his shots. Bear is an affectionate, easygoing guy who is just looking for love and a home he can call his own, forever.




Roxie is a 1-year-old Pit/Lab mix that was brought in as a stray in March. The people who found her did keep her for about a week and were able to find out that she is good with kids. She also went to the dog park and did very well interacting with other dogs. She does need a little help with potty training and walking on a leash, but these are easy tasks to accomplish and she is a very smart girl and will learn quickly. She is spayed and current on her shots. This affectionate, playful girl is looking for a loving, active family that she can be a part of.




Sundance is a 7-1/2-year-old female white German Shepherd/ Husky mix weighing about 55 lbs. Her health is good and all her medical records are available. She does best on high quality dry food, with no corn content. She has a beautiful pure white, thick coat which is best suited for a dog hair tolerant environment. Weekly brushing should be expected to help keep her coat healthy. She has not been exposed to cats at all and has not lived with children. She was raised with a sibling and has had limited contact with other dogs on a long-term basis. She knows several commands — sit, lay down, off, heel and come — and also walks well on a leash. Getting into the car is not something she loves, but once in the vehicle, she rides quietly. She has a sweet temperament, being affectionate and laid-back. She’s an infrequent barker and tends to be a little shy with new people and experiences. She has never shown aggression toward people or dogs. Sundance has been an indoor dog most of her life, but is now living as an outdoor dog, in a large fenced-in yard with a garage kennel where she stays at night and in inclement weather. She is house trained and has been left in the house for many hours. She is used to a quiet household. She loves to chase lizards, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, quail, etc. High winds and thunder cause her anxiety. Do you have room to allow her into your life?


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