Consequences Of Prop. 100 Defeat Will Be Devastating



Even though I have only lived in Payson since January, I have become friends with some of the greatest teachers here. Last night I was speaking with a couple of them and they illuminated for me the reality of the consequences if Proposition 100 fails.

This bleak vision for our schools took my breath away because I thought what has gone on so far is devastating — yet what will happen without the support of Proposition 100 is Armageddon-ish. And then I thought of our children. They are our future, especially since our society has set up entitlements

and programs based on what the next generation can produce.

However the reality is, our children face unprecedented competition from around the globe. To contend, they will require critical thinking skills and access to their innate creative abilities — but they need our guidance and support.

For years we have been warned that living beyond our means will have to be paid for — it seems that now is that time. Proposition 100 is an additional burden on people that are already stretched beyond the breaking point. Problem is, if our society doesn’t invest now, what will the future hold?

Michele Nelson


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