Need To Bus All Students Should Be Reviewed



I have driven by the school bus lot and have attempted to count the number of school buses parked there. I understand the need to transport students from Star Valley, Pine, Strawberry, Tonto Village and other outlying rural areas. However, couldn’t students living within the town limits be transported by car pooling or by older siblings on their way to high school? Given the current epidemic of obesity in our young children, wouldn’t it be good for their health if they even walked?

I worked for an elementary school district of a town of 30,000 or so in Southern California in the late 1980s and early 1990s, not long after that time, school bus service was discontinued due to similar budgetary difficulties as we are experiencing today. Amazingly enough, everyone found a way to get to school, including students who lived in more rural areas.

As education budget items are being evaluated, perhaps consideration should be taken regarding the need for such a comprehensive student bussing system in a town of this size?

Ann Colbertson


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