Rim Club Opens Its Doors To The Public



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The Rim Club recently underwent a slew of changes, including residents taking over ownership, and the club opening to the public. General Manager David Bosley points to the club’s par 71-championship course.

The Rim Club, once the exclusive hideaway of the well heeled who could afford million-dollar homes and pricey golf club memberships, is opening its doors to the public.

David Bosley, the Rim Club’s newly appointed general manager, calls the shift in philosophy, “a new business model” where the club, “is now reaching out to the local community in two ways — jobs and golf opportunities.”

The club is currently undergoing a transition from developer-owned and operated to resident-owned and operated.

The shift occurred after developer, Crescent Resource, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a Texas court in June of 2009.

Bosley says the bankruptcy “sent shockwaves through the club and community” that “resulted in the withdrawal of close to $2 million from the local economy.” In addition, 60 employees lost their jobs.

Since residents took over, the Rim Club has hired 25 local workers and expects to hire about 10 more in the next month.

Bosley pointed out that the new business model is one agreed upon by the members who run the club since Crescent went into bankruptcy.

“The members have appointed me to implement the new model,” Bosley said.

New strategy

The new model has most of the club’s facilities — including a fitness center, clubhouse, golf course, restaurant and bar — open and operating under a new budget and membership plan. The plan allows the public to play on a golf course previously off limits to everyone but homeowners in the exclusive enclave.

Playing Rim Club’s par 71-championship course is a dream for amateur and pro golfers. Golfweek magazine rated it the best course in Arizona, and the No. 17 course in the United States three years in a row.

Non-members can set up a tee time by calling, (928) 472-1470.

“Tee times are limited, but we would be happy to make reservations six days a week,” Bosley said. The course is closed on Mondays except for special events.

Bosley recommends that non-members purchase the $195 Rim Card, which gives golfers 20 percent discounts and a free first round of golf.

“Using it about five times will pay for the card,” he said.

In addition to opening the course, club membership is also available.

“Membership is now open to local, Arizona and other non-property owners,” he said.

In doing away with the property ownership criteria, the club also reduced fees.

Memberships that once sold for $150,000 under Crescent are now available on a limited basis for $10,000.

There are also five special membership and privilege plans for non-residents, including the Rim Club Golf Privileges, Junior Privilege, Business Privilege, Social and Fitness Privilege and Clubhouse Privilege.

Bosley said the Clubhouses Privilege, which has a $100 initiation fee and $35 monthly dues, is an affordable way for residents to enjoy clubhouse dining and the comfortable bar.

“We believe chef Kevin Dewitt prepares the finest food in the Rim Country,” said Bosley.

Those who visit the 29,000-square-foot clubhouse for the first time will find a magnificent building that is reminiscent of a 1800s baron’s mansion.

Most first-timers can’t help but stare in awe at the club. It features a dining room, pro shop, lounges, locker view and extraordinary views of the Mogollon Rim and rural Granite Dells.

Those who opt for the Social and Fitness Privilege, for a $1,000 initiation fee and $75 monthly due, can use the athletic spa, which features a fitness center, tennis courts, pool and Jacuzzi. Massage therapy and yoga classes are also offered at the spa.

“The Rim Club is in a world of its own and still just an hour away from the Valley,” he said.

For those who have never played the course, Bosley describes it as one with a combination of difficulty and opportunity, memorable holes and some marvelous risk-verses-reward holes. Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morris designed the course.

For more information or to participate in one of the 2010 membership and privilege plans, call the Rim Club at (928) 472-1470. Bobby Trunzo, the Rim Club’s director of golf, can be reached at (928) 472-1483.


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